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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the packages?

The features for the 3 packages we offer are noted on the Solutions page. If you choose the Plus or the Professional packages, you will receive a complete website with your text, photos, and keywords. You just have to send us your material and we do all the rest. We create the website, setup your web hosting, optimize your site for the search engines, publish your new site, and send you the instructions for making changes to your new site. With the Basic site, we essentially setup the "shell" for you to add your own content in order to save you money with the setup fee.

What is the total cost?

Our template fees are only one-time fees to setup the website for you. The only recurring fee is the website support and hosting fee which can be found on our Solutions page. There are NO other hidden or maintenance fees with our service.

What if I need you to make changes to my site later?

We will always be available to you if you need to make changes to your site like creating custom graphics, changing the layout design of your site, adding new pages, new forms, etc. You can simply email us at with the details and we can provide a quote.

How do I get started?

You can complete the New Project Form, which will let us know your business details, which template you would like, any options you are interested in, etc. Please review the Process page for more details on each step.

Can I change the titles / links of the pages?

Yes - you can change the names of the pages to anything you would like. We just used 8 titles for the purposes of displaying the templates but you are free to title the pages to suit your requirements.

Am I limited on the number of words or images I can have?

There is no limit to the number of words, images, or even videos that you can insert yourself via the content management system. You'll be able to add as much or as little text as you want to every page of your site. Each web hosting account will have a limit on disk space, which can be reviewed on the Solutions page..

What is web hosting?

In order for a website to be displayed on the internet, the website pages have to be hosted on a web server. Our web hosting service allows your website pages to be hosted as well as email hosting. We help you every step of the way to setup the hosting, setup email accounts, connect email accounts with your email program, etc.

Will I lose my domain name if I move my site to you?

Absolutely not. You can keep your domain and current site active and live until we have your new site ready. Then we'll seamlessly redirect your domain to our servers which will display your new site and deactivate your old one.

Will my current site go down during this process?

No, your website won't have any downtime whatsoever. We don't make any changes to your current site while we are building your new site. Once the new site is ready on our servers, we just have to login to your domain registrar and "point" your domain to our servers. This will then take your visitors directly to the new site and then you can release your old hosting provider for your old site. It's really easy and really quick!

Can I use my photos for the new site?

Yes! We have an extensive stock photo library of children that we can use throughout the site but if you would prefer we use your images on each page, that works for us! Just send us 1 or 2 photos to use per page to highlight your content - depending on the length of contnet for each page.

Can I have links to PDF Forms?

Yes, most of our clients do have some type of Forms or Enrollment page where they include links to PDF forms. There is, of course, no extra charge for us to set this up for you and you can also add more of these types of links via the CMS once the site goes live. These attachments do not count as pages so you don't have to factor them into your page count.

What is included with the web hosting?

Our web hosting plans allow you to host your website and emails on our servers. Our fully-managed hosting servers are equipped with unlimited email accounts, unlimited monthly emails, unlimited phone and email support, and unlimited monthly bandwidth or traffic. You will have full cpanel access and if you should ever require more disk space, we can upgrade you to a more suitable hosting plan.

What is a CMS (Content Management System?)

All our websites are created with our custom CMS so that you do not have to hire us every time you need to make a change to your site. A content management system allows you to make changes to your new daycare website all on your own. Our CMS is SUPER easy to use and you can edit your content (text/photos/video) from anywhere and at anytime. You do not need to download any new software or know any HTML code in order to use the system. It is a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) interface and is very similar to working in Microsoft Word. It is browser-based so you can login and edit your site from wherever you have an internet connection and a browser.

What is a template?

A template is a pre-designed website that is essentially a "shell" for your content and photos. The layout is already established so we only need to populate the website with your custom page titles, page content, and photos. Our daycare themed templates are designed by expert graphic artists and are modern, professional, and very effective!

What form of payment do you accept?

US and Canada customers will receive a link to pay securely online via AcceptPay. You will be able to use any major credit card, debit card, or make a bank transfer. US customers can also mail a check. International customers will receive a Paypal link to pay securely on Paypal's site. It is important to note that you do not have to have a Paypal account to pay a Paypal invoice. You can pay with a credit card without a Paypal account by clicking on the appropriate link on the email invoice.

I don't have a logo. Can you create one?

When we create your new website using one of our templates, we can create a simple text-based logo if you do not have a logo for your childcare business. If you want a professional logo designed by our very talented illustrators, we can do so for a fee of $300. You will receive 5 unique and custom concepts (no clip art), unlimited revisions on the chosen concept, and all of the final files in multiple formats for use on the web, print, and other mediums. We will forward you a logo questionnaire before getting started so that we can ensure the logo is developed according to your preference and expectation.

How long does this take?

Our turn-around time to create a daycare website is very fast! Once we have your template choice, your logo, text, photos, etc, we can create your new website within 1 week and publish the site to a temporary website address for you to review. At that point, you can request changes before we take your site live. Our normal response time is within 1 business day.

Can I have a custom-designed site?

Yes! We can create a 100% custom and tailored site with custom graphics, custom pages, etc. Many of our clients prefer to send their logo and graphics and have us create a unique design for a more custom look. Please review our Options page for associated fees and sample custom websites. You can also review our Child Care Custom Website Design Gallery for some live websites..

How do I prepare and send my material?

You can type out your text in a single document file (Microsoft Word or other word processing program), noting which page the text is for. In this file, you can also include your top keyword phrases for the search engines. You can then attach that file to an email and then also attach any photos you want for the website (we recommend about 1 or 2 per page.) You would forward the email with all content to

Can I have more than 12 pages or a custom number of pages?

Yes, our website packages have varying numbers of pages but every website we create allows you the flexiblity to add more pages via the CMS. If you would prefer that we setup all the pages you need when we create the site, just let us know how many pages you need and we will provide you with a custom quote..

What are SEO keywords?

When we create your new website, we want it to have the best chance of receiving a lot of hits from the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) and in order to do that, we need to incorporate your top keyword phrases into the website code during development. When your new site goes live, the search engines will index and rank your new website based on those keywords. So if you are located in Atlanta, you might include "Atlanta Childcare" and "Atlanta Daycare Center" or "Atlanta Learning Center" in your keywords list. You want to think in terms of what your potential customer would be searching for on the search engines to find your business.

How do I setup email accounts?

Once we setup your web hosting account, you will be able to setup domain-sponsored email accounts like "" We will send you instructions on how to setup email accounts in your web hosting control panel and also how to send and receive email using that new email account. As always, we are here to help for any questions you have with this task.

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